I don’t like you, and today was no different. My day started off on a great horrible note before I even got out of bed. I accidently fell back asleep after my last alarm thinking I had another alarm set. Wrong. 15 minutes later I awoke wondering what was taking my alarm so long. I then had 30 minutes to get ready and make it work in order to help open the place up on time by 7am. Let’s just say that I pulled into the parking lot at exactly 7am Smile. All day today I was physically at work but definitely not mentally. I’ll spare you the pity party of a story I had worked up. You’re welcome. Insert the lady from Office Space, “sounds like somebody has a case of the Mondays”.

I forgot to take a picture of my lunch because I haven’t gotten into that habit yet. I can’t wait to see the looks on my coworkers faces when I start that. Ha ha! I enjoyed baked chicken with steamed broccoli and carrots on the side and a very small bowl of black beans. For dessert I had sugar free cherry Jell-o. Yes, I’m a 23 year old kid (should I mention that it’s my 5 year old niece’s?). Next up I had a few bites of some homemade vegetable soup that someone was kindly sharing. An hour later I may or may not have eaten a cinnamon raisin cookie. I was hungry!

The rest of the day went by so slow. I like the time change because when I drive to work at 6:30am it’s already sunny but the downside is that its dark by 6pm. It made me feel like I was at work forever, which I was if you consider 10 1/2 hours forever. It’s now dinner time and I just want to go to sleep. I hope you all had a much better Monday than me. Enjoy your night!


Do you ever get “a case of the Mondays” or is it like every other day?


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