Fashion post + 3 mile struggle

Last Friday, my parents and I got dressed up to head to a restaurant/bar to surprise my cousin with an engagement party. I had never been to one before so I was excited to see my cousin and his new fiance’s face when they saw us. My aunt who is also the mother of my engaged cousin decorated a reserved area of the place in Tiffany blue. It was beautiful. Her attention to detail amazes me. She’s also the person who was the wedding planner for my brother. She works at a bank but really she should be a party/wedding planner. The woman is a genius! I apologize for the crummy iPhone pictures. It was very dim lighting which means the flash gives everyone demon eyes.

photo 2 (3)

During dinner my cousin ordered a bottle of wine. When the waiter brought it out he showed the bottle only to my cousin who then replied with “I think she will love it. What do you think”. The waiter showed the bottle to her and this is what she read. By the time she looked up from reading the bottles my cousin was already down on one knee with the ring (which is GORGEOUS by the way!). How clever and unique! Smile

photo 1 (2)

photo (15)

I have to be honest. Today was the first time that I have ran since my miserable 5 mile run last Thursday. I didn’t want to feel that disappointment again, and frankly I was just scared. Not to mention I was still very from Monday’s sprint workout. My soccer game was cancelled that following Sunday so I ended up spending the entire day with my parents. Plus a little Developmental Psych studying. I don’t miss being a full time student at all and I’m only taking one class. Since I didn’t have to be at work until 3 today I figured I should get in an early run that way I could study. Even though I was sore I figured it would work its way out during my run; which it did a little. My upper body is still sore but my legs need some yoga and a foam roller. My feet on the other hand are another story. Since high school I have thought that I had planter faciitis because I have all the signs and symptoms. I’ve never gone to a doctor because I’m afraid I might be right. One of the perks of working at a physical therapy clinic is that the therapists check you out fo free! My right foot wasn’t just sore, it was downright PAINFUL. After a quick little test, I was told that I may not even have planter faciitis, and that something else is causing my pain. Apparently what I may have is common in runners! She gave me homework that I need to do 1-2 times daily for 5 minutes each. One of which are toe scrunches that I’m doing as I type/study.

That’s all I have for you! Don’t forget to check out my first fashion post!!


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