Welcome! My name is Kristi and I am a 23 year old Physical Therapy tech living in Fort Worth, Texas. I graduated from the University of the Ozarks in May 2011 with a degree in Physical Education. I was VERY indecesive when it came to majors. I went in thinking communications and left with Physical Education. I knew halfway through that I wanted something in the medical field but I didn’t know what exactly. I went from wanting to be a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse to either a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant. I’m currently working full time while taking the rest of the pre-requisites that I need for PT and PTA school. I will apply to both and pray I get into one!

I have been an athlete my entire life which included soccer, track and field, and volleyball. Don’t ask me to play basketball. It’s embarrassing. Even though I’ve played sports since age 8, running has always been punishment for me. I will always hate the words “get on the line” because you knew you were about to run your butt off.  Now that I have graduated and no longer have a coach yelling at me I can finally learn to enjoy running and coming up with workouts on my own. I started this blog as a way to document this new experience. Fitness has now become a “want to” instead of a “have to”.

I’m lucky to have an amazing guy in my life. Shaun and I will have been dating for 5 years on November 28th! Our relationship has had its ups and downs but we have always managed to come out on top. He’s the most outgoing person I know which is so addicting. I tend to get overwhelmbed and upset over the smallest things and he knows how to bring me back down to earth. I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

Family is a BIG part of my life. I have a very large family full of cousins that I still haven’t met. That’s what happens when your great-grandmother has 13 kids. My brother recently got married so unfortunately I don’t have an updated family picture of all of us. I’m still waiting on one from the wedding photographer. I’m a true Wizard of Oz fan when I say, “there’s no place like home”. I love my family, and I honestly don’t know what type of person I would be today if it weren’t for them.


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